Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 6 Lessons

Different types of media research:

1. Media effects research (aims to 'prove' the negative effect of the media)
2. Academic or qualitative research (explores the nature of the relationship between the media and the audience, eg consideration of why a particular programme is popular)
3. Market research or quantitative research (audience habits, box office, ratings, website hits, tracking)

Effects research explores the following so-called effects:

Behavioural - aggression, crime
Psychological - fear of danger + crime, nightmares
Attitudinal - desensitisation, attitudes towards others

Which social groups are the most frequent subjects of a media effects study? 
Young males
Youth criminals

Which media forms are most likely to be considered problematic? 
Video games
Rap lyrics
Television programmes

What methods are commonly used to study effects?
Heart monitors
Monitoring over long periods of time
Exposure to violent acts
Discourse (1 to 1 or focus group)

Concerns over this kind of research?

Here is the powerpoint on Media Effects research:

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