Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A level 4 essay must. . .

  1. Must show obvious knowledge of contemporary policy (BBFC, PCC, the law, government intervention)
  2. Must include some academic media theory (audience, media effects, children and protection, research, academic quotes)
  3. Must debate and discussion of the relevant social issues (issues of protection of society, freedom v responsibility, globalisation, the rise of the celebrity, the notion of privacy, web 2.0)
  4. Must be aware of current relevant developments (The Byron report, privacy and celebrity issues April 2011, The Digital Economies Act, Web 2.0 and implications, the rise of the citizen journalism and its impact on politics, culture and society)
  5. Must utilise well chosen examples
  6. Must make reference to the past 
  7. Must predict ahead 
  8. Must adapt learning to the chosen question
  9. Must have equal balance between film and press

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 2011: Gagging orders and super-injunctions - what are the implications?

Read here about the recent controversies over privacy law and celebrity scandals

Citizen Journalism examples: 2009

Read this article on The Hudson River plane crash 2009 and Twitter

Read this article about the Iranian uprising of 2009, the death of protestor Neda Soltani and Youtube

The Byron Report

The Byron Report - background

The Byron Report summary

10 things wrong with the Effects Model - David Gauntlett

1. The effects model tackles social problems 'backwards'
2. The effects model treats children as inadequate
3. Assumptions within the effects model are characterised by barely-concealed conservative ideology
4. The effects model inadequately defines its own objects of study
5. The effects model is often based on artificial elements and assumptions within studies
6. The effects model is often based on studies with misapplied methodology
7. The effects model is selective in its criticisms of media depictions of violence
8. The effects model assumes superiority to the masses
9. The effects model makes no attempt to understand meanings of the media
10. The effects model is not grounded in theory