Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homework 8: w/b 28th March

Task: Prepare your Case studies (Film and Press)
Deadline: 13C and 13D by the lesson on Weds 6th April

1. Using the chart templates provided, work out the case studies that you plan to refer to in the exam, and list them in the spaces provided on the chart.

For film, you will need to complete numbers 1,3,4,5,6 only.
For press, you will need to complete numbers . . . only

You will need to go back over all your notes to make sure you have considered all the films/cases discussed in class, and are making the best selection possible.

Make sure you keep your chart safe and bring it with you to Wednesday's lesson.

2. Creat a post for each case study. Use the film's title as the post header. Post the following:

a) brief factual notes about the film or case, including date and director
b) what points/ issues/ arguments you can illustrate by using it
c) which section of a regulation essay would it be relevant to

Here are the case study charts:

Case studies revision chart - Film Regulation

Case studies revision chart Press Regulation

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