Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homework; w/b 28th February

1. Make notes on the PCC, using the Teacher Guide you have been given. You will need brief notes on the pages 3 - 10. Use the headings from the booklet to help break your notes up. You can complete this work as one or several posts - it's up to you. Post title: The Press Complaints Commission

2. Create a separate post entitled The PCC Code of Practice. List the 16 clauses and identify any other relevant/wider points about the code as discussed in the lesson or explained in the booklet pp 21 - 23.

Deadline: Wednesday 9 March (I will check your blogs Weds evening) 

Please note: although we won't have a lesson on Wednesday due to the trip, there will be a homework set on that day - please make sure you look at the blog.

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